Saturday, November 8, 2014

Army Navy's Querida Mia Verde and Charlie Bravo Querida Mia

Someone asked me the criteria I use in selecting what to feature. This stumped for a while, but basically I feature only meals that I enjoy, no matter what the restaurant or outlet. I'm not a snob, and for proof, here's Exhibit A. For today I'll be featuring a resto chain that has been consistently good, Army Navy. I love their quesadillas. Lately I've been ordering these two:

The stellar vegetarian Querida Mia Verde. Eating this deludes me into thinking I'm gaining nary an ounce.

I also love the Charlie Bravo Querida Mia, and open-faced quesadilla topped with cheese and bacon. I love this because it combines two of my fave things: soft taco and bacon.

Army Navy Burger and Burrito
Space 13 Solenad 2, Nuvali
Santa Rosa, Laguna
(63) 049 302-0130

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