Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sebastian Ice Cream's Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Divebar

You can almost taste the salt crystals just by looking
The first time I remember salt being used to make sweet things sweeter is with pineapple. It was summer, and I can't remember if the pineapple was store-bought or from my grandmother's backyard. The pineapple was already peeled and sliced, and on the plate was a smidgen of what I assumed was sugar, until i bit into the fruit. A sprinkle of rock salt (quite the rage this days, and one where my hometown's name is based on) intensifies the flavor. This is unlike the obvious pucker-inducing pairings of salt and unripe mangoes or green apples, where you'd tone down the acidity.

Last night I already had dessert, but I wanted something different. I saw Sebastian's, and I remember an article on its unusual offerings a year ago. This is different from the usual ice drops hyped a few months ago. Imagine dense, dark chocolate and rock salt--bitter, not too sweet, and salty. A grown-up's ice cram bar.

Go ahead, indulge!

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