Friday, May 4, 2012

Legazpi City's DJC Halo-Halo

Just a few days ago we've experienced one of the hottest summers in recent memory. One popular way to beat the heat is eating halo-halo. Halo-halo is made up of fresh and preserved fruits, evaporated milk, and shaved ice, topped with ube jam/ice cream or leche flan (custard). I remember some pouring in red food coloring to make it look more palatable, otherwise you'd end up with the usual purplish mix. The fruits may range from boiled sweetened plantains, boiled sweet potatoes, beans, to jackfruit.

What makes DJC Halo Halo distinct is they top theirs with cheese. Yes, it's that mysterious blend of salty and sweet that comes off just right. Personally I prefer to mix them all (halo halo, literally)before diving in.

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  1. This Halo Halo sounds a little similar to some Malaysian iced desserts that I love like ice kachang or cendol. Nice!
    btw you have the most amazing pic as your blog header. I'm seriously drooling!

  2. thanks, christina! i've tried some ice kachang in some singaporean/malaysian restaurants here, and they remind me a bit of halo halo and japanese ice desserts.
    i've been wanting to write an entry on my blog header's pic. imagine our surprise when we were led to the table creaking with the freshest of seafood, caught only a few meters away