Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Laguna's Nila's Special Puto Biñan

My friend brought this to the office one day, and it was so good. It was cheesy, moist, subtly sweet. Having grown up in Pangasinan eating Calasiao puto, I know that cheese and puto goes well together.

The curiously named puto is steamed rice cake common in the Philippines. There are many varieties of puto, some of them I have featured before. In Calasiao, the puto is small, moist, and sweetish, and usually comes plain without any toppings. The Biñan variety is the size of a plate and can handily feed 5 people. 

Biñan is a city in Laguna located south of Manila. It is said that the best-known makers of this variety is located in the barangay of San Vicente. Pictured below is Nila's Special Puto Biñan. You can reach them at (+63) 49 511-6094. I'm not sure if there's an outlet in Manila--my friend sources hers from Laguna.

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