Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top Picks from iBagnet

I love Iloko food, and I've featured it quite a lot: see here, here, here, here, and here. There were lots of dishes to love at the Scout Borromeo branch of iBagnet: the bagnet, of course, which was on the lean side; the smoky poqui-poqui, topped with chicharon; the garlicky goat caldereta, which was creamy and sweetish.

But tops for me when I had lunch there were the longganisa: medium-sized jewels which  looked tostado but were juicy inside. My tummy is grumbling as I write this--garlicky longganiza is one of my favorite things, and I can eat this with loads of rice every breakfast. The grilled squid was excellent as well. It was smoky, buttery, and soft.

Disclosure: two of my friends are co-owners of the restaurant.

iBagnet Restaurant
Scout Borromeo, Quezon City


  1. Another one I should go to so I could try out your recommendations :)