Monday, November 26, 2012

Sebastian Ice Cream's Green Mango Ice Cream and Peanut Butter

I'm no stranger to unusual food--I fancy myself  taking over Anthony Zimmern's quest for bizarre chow  when I grow up. I'll do anything once, and if it's good, I'll have another serving. One of the things I wanted to try the first time I learned about it through the blogosphere and food columns is Sebastian Ice Cream's Green Mango Ice Cream. Fortunately I live near ginormous Mall of Asia, where lie a branch of the artisanal ice cream purveyor. 

Mouth puckering green mango sorbet topped with warm, sweetish shrimp paste.
It was not that bad at all, pretty well-balanced flavors, and quite the palate cleanser.
The mango reminds me of green tamarind.

Peanut butter toffee. It's peanut butter on a stick, with real peanut bits. This is
a winner, and I'd gladly return for this.
I wasn't keen on ordering the green mango ice cream alone, so to be on the safe side I ordered a favorite--peanut butter toffee ice cream bar. The first one I did out of curiosity, and that satisfied, I hankered down to enjoying the second one. The next time I'd visit, I'll have more of the peanut butter ice cream bar variants.

Sebastian's Ice Cream
SM Mall of Asia
(+63) 915 489 5753

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