Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cyma's Skolatina

not the usual molten lava cake
I was craving for something different, so off I went to the Greek restaurant Cyma. I didn't know what to expect, but as long as it's not the usual Filipino-Italian-Japanese-Chinese, I'm good. I went for the excellent char-grilled octopus ktapodi (I can still vividly remember the taste weeks after) and the well-recommended roka salata (I fell in love with what I thought of as anchovies--they turn out to be sun-dried tomatoes). But what was stellar for me was the skolatina, Cyma's molten lava chocolate cake. Imagine piping-hot chocolate filling, caramel crust and sauce, balanced by creamy vanilla ice cream. I was in sugar-induced heaven. I really   love scooping the ice cream into the molten chocolate. Can't wait to return.

2F Robinsons Place Manila
Adriatico St., Ermita
(+63) 02 354 3909


  1. Ok din yung ganyan ng pepper lunch, try mo yun! :) -trissy

  2. sige, trissy. another excuse for me to go pepper lunch. i also love their salads in plastic cups. thanks for the tip

  3. i was looking at my archives, and, yes, pepper lunch;s version is excellent. will write it up soon