Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ilocos Norte's La Preciosa for Crispy Dinuguan (Blood Stew) and Kilawin na Tanigue (Mackerel Ceviche)

No trip to Laoag is complete without going to La Preciosa Restaurant. A quick look at Tripadvisor yields the  factoid that it is ranked #1 among 22 restaurants in the city. If you're after a sampling of Iloko cuisine, such as higado, poqui-poqui, pakbet, and bagnet, go no further. I came for the crispy dinuguan. I left charmed by the kinilaw na tanigue as well. 

A quick note: dinuguan is a stew of meat and/or offal cooked in pork blood, garlic, green chilis, and vinegar.

the fried pork makes this dinuguan extraordinary. i love the crunch and the thick sauce

mackerel ceviche. the use of vinegar was just right, allowing the
creamy goodness of the fish to shine though
La Preciosa Restaurant
JP Rizal Laoag City
(+63) 77 773 1162

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