Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Batangas City's Pontefino Hotel for Pontefino and Vegetarian Pizzas

Let's get this out of the way: Pontefino Hotel is one of the more swankier hotels outside Manila--I wouldn't mind giving it another go if I find myself south of the capital. Saying that, I wasn't expecting much from its restaurant, Cafe Robusta, burned as I was countless times from less-than-stellar hotel offerings. But Pontefino's pizzas are worth a try. We ordered two variants: the Pontefino Pizza and the Vegetarian Pizza. 

The Pontefino Pizza was both delicate and flavorful, but who knew the second pizza would be better?

The Vegetarian Pizza was smoky and cheesy, and the vegetables used were fresh. The thin pizza highlighted the flavor of the toppings. If I had to choose one, this is it. 

Hotel Pontefino
Pastor Village, Gulod, Labac
Batangas City
(+63) 02 631 8310

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