Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boracay's La Carmela Hotel for Lechon Kawali

I love pork. Unlike most, I'm not queasy eating pork fat. Fat makes meat flavorful--remove it and the meat tastes, ah, less interesting. What I particularly favor is the portion where the meat and fat meets--that to me is heaven.

Next to adobo (pork stewed in vinegar. This is arguably the country's national dish), I love lechon kawali, crispy pan-fried roasted pork belly. Many dip this either in a spicy soy sauce mix or a sweetish liver-based condiment, but I prefer fermented fish paste, unsauteed.

Last year the best lechon kawali I ever tasted was from La Carmela Hotel, Boracay. The skin was crunchy, the meat oh-so-soft. My mouth water as I write. There was no need for dip, as the dish was so good on its own. The relish was quite interesting, as well. Instead of the usual achara--pickled green papaya, they used what appears to be banana pith.

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