Monday, April 2, 2012

General Santos City’s Blugre Café for Durian Gatchpuccino

There’s no middle way for durian—the thorny fruit with usually yellow flesh and distinctive divisive aroma widely distributed in Southeast Asia—it’s either you love it or loathe it. Me? I’m addicted. I need my fix constantly. Every time I fly to Mindanao, the southernmost of the three major island groups of the Philippines, I pray I get to eat durian.

Last year I was assigned to General Santos City, the southernmost port city of the country. I arranged to meet with a friend at Blugre Cafe, originally from Davao City, the country’s durian capital. While waiting for her I was stoked when I saw that it serves durian gatchpuccino—an interesting mix of coffee and durian. That night I was in food heaven. Do drink up, though, to savor the generous durian meat at the bottom.

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