Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bohol Bee Farm's Quirky Ice Cream Flavors, Cassava Crackers, and Squash Bread

Let's just I was intrigued the first time I heard about the Bohol Bee Farm. Mention the words organic and all-natural, and I'm sold. My friends were also raving about the ice cream. I was lucky it was just walking distance from where we were staying, and so after dinner my friends and I went there for dessert.

My verdict--the ice cream flavors were delicate and subtly creamy, with the malunggay and tomato ones leaving a green aftertaste as expected. The flavors are so light, coming through after a few seconds, except for the spicy ginger, which I liked best. Also try the cassava crackers--they were quite addicting.

I had durian and malunggay ice cream. I love durian, and this does not disappoint.
One of my friend ordered the malunggay and tomato flavors

The next day I returned, and had the excellent spicy ginger ice cream

The cabcab--cassava crackers with organic pesto as dip.The crackers were
light and crisp,  and addicting

The squash bread was filling and quite the novelty

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