Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boracay: All Things Sweet, and the Best Mojito I Had

Last month I spent Christmas in the country's go-to island, Boracay, where what I did was eat and get soused, but not necessarily always at the same time (for more of my Bora trip, go here, here, and here). Unlike my Singapore trip where I made no plans, this time I made a list of where to eat. Halfway through my three-day trip I was wishing I grew another stomach, a problem I'm just happy to have. Instead of writing individual reviews I grouped what I ate into savory and sweet. Here's a list of things exemplary and sweet in Bora. 

1. Zuzuni's Mati Chocolate Sin 

I'm guessing the resto named this dessert after the Greek holiday resort. This is excellent choco lava with vanilla ice cream, perfect for cooling down under the tropical sun. It came well-recommended, and now I know why. This must try is not overly sweet, which is always good in my book. Bite into the mint for extra freshness. 

Zuzuni Restaurant
Station 1, Boracay
(+036) 288-4477

2. Lemoni Cafe's Mango Madness 

I've always been partial to cheesecake, and so Lemoni's best-selling mango madness is a no-brainer. It was so good--refreshing, creamy and light, the tartness playing well with the sweet crust. It was a well-balanced confection, the flavors melding nicely together. I came for the lemon muffins (they ran out), but this was a good substitute. 

Lemoni Cafe
D'Mall, Station 2, Boracay
(+036) 288-6781

3. Jonah's Banana Choco Peanut and Banana Mango Shakes 

Jonah's Fruit Shake is an institution in Bora, just like Real Coffee. The avocado shake came up on many online recommendations, but in my three or so treks to the restaurant, it's either they ran out or the avocados were still in transit. In it's place I ordered the banana mango shake--refreshing, creamy, and tart, perfect for the sweltering heat-- and the banana choco peanut, which is is to die for. It's like Chocnut  in a shake, but done well. 

Jonah's Fruit Shake
Station 1, Boracay

Mojito Recommendation

Whenever I'm on vacation, my cocktail of choice is either margaritas or mojitos. I love the mojitos of Discovery Shores--it was sweet and tangy, with just the right mix of alcohol and mint. I went there during happy hour, and it was a miracle I was able to find my way back to the hotel. Order the classic mojito--the watermelon variant wasn't as good enough. 

Discovery Shores
Station 1, Boracay
(+036) 288 4500

If you have no sense of direction like me, you can start at D'Mall, centrally located along White Beach at Station 2, your left towards the beach, and hit the restos until you reach the other end at Station 1: Lemoni Cafe-Zuzuni-Jonah's-Discovery Shores. Happy eating!

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