Friday, January 24, 2014

Top Picks from Roxas City's Seafood Court, People's Park: Baked Scallops, Clam Soup, and Fresh Oysters

Roxas City is touted as the country's seafood capital, and a visit to the Seafood Court at the People's Park, along Baybay Beach, is a must. From the stalls we picked Japinu Mix Seafoods Restaurant, and a few minutes later we were in food heaven.

The baked scallops were fresh, cheap, and tasty. The butter and garlic did not overwhelm the delicate taste of the seashell.

I've always been partial to clam (halaan) soup, and as with most seafood, fresh is best. The shells have a sweetish flavor highlighted by ginger and spiced by chilis. The soup was so refreshing and I love scooping out the creamy flesh from the shell.

With seafood this fresh, it's a crime not to eat oysters. These humungous specimens are, as expected, fresh and sweetish.

Seafood Court
People's Park
Baybay, Roxas City

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