Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kokoro Ramenya's Gekikara and Hakata Karaka Ramen

I first heard about Kokoro last year, and when I read that it offers good ramen, I was intrigued. I made plans for a conquest.

Hakata Karaka: "tonkotsu noodles soup spiked with spices. A perfect blend of
creaminess and spiciness served with...chashu, kikurage, and soft-boiled egg."
During my first visit, I ordered one of the spiciest on offer: the Hakata Karaka. It was clean, light, yet flavorful, like Santouka's Shio Ramen. Spoon in the spices and the flavor profile becomes more complex. I love how fiery it feels in my mouth. My only quibble is that the noodles are not good enough as the rest. I love the accompanying fresh and pickled greens. I'm adding Kokoro to my go-to places for ramen, along with Ukokkei, Santouka, Ajisen, and UCC.

Gekikara Ramen: "extra spicy miso-based noodles soup with chashu and beansprout"
In my third visit, I tried the Gekikara Ramen. It was spicy--the heat was evident at first sip, but nothing I cannot manage. The soup tasted clean and nutty, allowing the smokiness of the pork to shine through. This is my favorite so far. I love how abundant the greens were. Halfway through, the heat wass unrelenting, so fans of spicy ramen, try this. Compared to the ramen I ordered from a much-hyped restaurant I recently went too, the Gekikara broth was not salty or overwhelming.

Try the matcha milk tea or shake as well. Both are divine, and the creaminess tempers the grassy flavor of green tea. 

Kokoro Ramenya
2F S1-S2 1388 Roxas Boulevard cor. Sta. Monica & M Guerrro Sts.
Ermita, Manila
(+63) 02  254-9716

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