Friday, July 4, 2014

Century Park Hotel's Bibingka

Yes, this is another bibingka entry. Bibingka is a rice cake traditionally served during the Christmas season. It is made of rice flour, coconut milk or water, eggs, and milk, cooked with coal both belwo and above, and infused with the aroma of toasted banana leaves.For Tootsie's version, click here. For bibingka from SIDCOR Sunday Market, click here.

Century Park Hotel's bibingka is so good. It is decadent--buttery and so soft, melts in your mouth, and the toasted portions are bursting with flavor. I love the mix of coconut brown sugar and coconut meat shreds. This for me is best bibingka I've tasted so far. The sweet crust is cut by salted egg and cheese. The order came with a cup of traditional thick chocolate drink. This duo warms you up instantly, making you feel so festive.

Century Park Hotel
Ocampo Street, Manila
(+63) 02 528 8888

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