Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cyma's Tonnos Salata, Yemistes, and Flaming Mangoes

I usually gravitate towards favorite items when dining out, so sometimes I make a conscious effort to seek out recommendations from other people or the wait staff so I'd have something different. For this post I was happy I went out on a limb, because not only were what I ordered pleasing to the eyes, but they were delicious as well. 

The tonno (Italian for tuna) salata was lovely salad. I love how they treated the tuna, different from what I'm used to, you just have to try it. I love the tangy sauce with the salty pop of olives and wholesome white cheese.

The yemistes (stuffed pepper) was a lovely non-meat option. Imagine nutty and creamy rice inside peppers. It was smoky and sweet from the raisins. 

Cyma's flaming mangoes is awesome. Imagine skinned ripe mango swimming in syrup on a hot plate. Then scoop wholesome vanilla ice cream into the mix, adding warm tones to the caramelizing syrup

Cyma Greek Taverna
2F Robinsons's Place Malate
(+63) 02 353-3909


  1. That's an interesting treatment of mango. Is the syrup mango-based or made from sugar?