Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top Picks at Legazpi City's First Colonial Grill

Perhaps by now you might have noticed that I love eating out at Legazpi City. You can read my earlier posts here and here.

Today I'm featuring dishes we enjoyed at First Colonial Grill's branch at Pacific Mall, near the bus terminal. We were lucky that what we ordered complemented each other. Of course, advance research helped--these dishes were highly recommended online.

First is the tinapa (smoked fish) rice. For me anything with salted eggs and tinapa is worth waking up early for. This was complete on its own, but why limit your tummy happiness?
Next we had the pinangat, a heavenly mix of gabi (taro), coconut milk and pork, and five-spice grilled chicken. I thought the chicken would clash with the other dishes, but it blended beautifully, subtle and flavorful.
To counteract the spicy dishes, we had creamy pili nut ice cream.
I'll post more soon.

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