Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Top Picks at Puerto Princesa City's Ka Lui Restaurant

Today we continue with the second part of exceptional dishes from Ka Lui's of Puerto Princesa City. You can read the first post here. Pardon the quality of my pics--I've been off the past weeks. Just the same, I still feel the excitement when my gang and I entered Ka Lui, and the wonderful realization that the food tasted as well as they looked.
This cream-based fish dish came as part of the day's special. It's actually fillet folded unto itself. I tried in vain looking over the internet to know what it is. Next time, I'll take down notes. ;-)
Garlic butter prawns. I'm partial to shrimp, specially the rich fat hidden in the head. The accompanying tomato sauce was just lovely.
Eggplant tempura, with the same tomato sauce paired with the prawns.
Tubbataha salad--raw tuna, mangoes, seagrapes, some chilis, and a dash of calamansi--yum!

For more of the dining experience, go here.

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