Sunday, June 24, 2012

Top Picks at Leyte's Rafael's Farm and Garden Restaurant

It was as if the restaurant did not want itself to be found. It was located around an hour from the city proper, in the middle of rice fields. There was no official webpage. Online sources were even at variance as to the name--is it Rafael's Farm or Rafael Farms? But once you step in the property, the magic begins. It was like eating at a genteel hacienda, and you had the place all to yourself. I'll post about the place soon in my travel blog. For now on to the business of food.

I sought out the highly recommend iced dessert halo-halo, which I was sad to learn was no longer featured. The baby-back ribs was likewise recommended, but it paled in comparison to the dishes featured here. The runaway favorite was the garlic butter tanigue steak, which was soft and flavorful, obviously fresh. Noteworthy as well was the Refreshing Lemon Lime drink, with carrot, cucumber, and turnip strips.
Garlic butter tanigue (narrow-barred Spanish mackerel) steak

lapu-lapu (grouper) sinigang (soup soured with tamarind)
baked tipay (scallops)
dagmay, the Waray version of laing (taro leaves stewed in cconut milk)
kare-kare (peanut-based stew of various vegetables, oxtail, beef, and tripe)
mixed vegetables flavored with fish paste
Refreshing Lemon Lime Drink with carrot,
cucumber, and turnip
Rafael's Farm and Garden Restaurant
Baranggay Pagsulgohan, Babatngon, Leyte
(+63) 53 325-0729

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