Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cello's Doughnuts

...or chocnut? Why choose? I had both
If half-a-dozen is love..
..why not make it two?
It's Sunday, and my thoughts are of home. Growing up with a father who worked far away, his rare home visits means greeting us with a box of donuts. Those were the days untouched by Krispy Kreme. Still, it was always a treat for us kids, opening that little carton bearing an assortment of flavors, and heaven for me was fishing out a sugar-dusted Bavarian cream-filled orb. I still have the occasional doughnut or two, but I find many a tad too sweet. 

Cello's doughnuts I find just right--not too sweet, dough so soft, and quite a selection of flavors.  I had the blueberry variant, my new favorite. I shared my loot with my office-mates, and I tried my best not to go beyond two, taking a mental note to visit the nearest branch in a week or so. 

Cello's has branches at Katipunan right across Ateneo, at the 2nd Floor of the PS Bank and Eastwest Bank Building; and at SM North Edsa near the Skydome at the Sky Garden.


  1. Amigo, is this available here in the Metro? :) -June

  2. Thanks for reminding me. They have branches at Katipunan and at La Salle-Taft. Will add contact details in my post. ;-)

  3. Yey! Thanks amigo. :D