Monday, July 16, 2012

Manila's Emerald Garden Restaurant for Hot Prawn Salad

fruit salad + prawns
Emerald Garden Restaurant, located along Roxas Boulevard near the US Embassy, is said to be one of the oldest restaurants in Manila, and some say the best, although I'm still not convinced. It's not a fancy restaurant, and it's a favorite of families and politicos. It is known for its humongous siopao (Hookien for steamed buns), one of its signature dishes. My favorite from its offerings, though, is the hot prawn salad. 

On paper it doesn't add up. The nearest I can compare it to is a fruit salad drowning with mayonnaise, with hot prawns included in the mix. But it's so good, and has been consistently so the few times I've been to the restaurant. Highly recommended.

For inquiries, you may call (+63) 02 523-8510. 

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