Saturday, April 27, 2013

UCC Vienna Cafe's Tan Tan Mien Pork Bone Soup and Halo Halo Cake

Until a few years ago I wasn't keen on Japanese food. I love my grub to pound my taste-buds with flavor, and thus I initially found Japanese cuisine to be a little bland. But I came around, and now I gravitate towards sashimi, teppanyaki, and the meal de jour--ramen! For my posts on ramen, you can go here and here.

I read Luzy Torres' column in the Philippine Star semi-regularly, and I know she appreciates good food. When she wrote that the ramen in UCC was so good she ate it regularly, I made a mental note to try it. Having been to Ukokkei, I tried to temper my expectations, but I was surprised nonetheless. I paired the Tan Tan Men with the Halo Halo Cake.

The ramen was spicy and nutty, a shade less tahn Ukokkei's but still good nonetheless. Plus points for the heat. Notice the red oil on top? That's the good stuff. The noodles could have been firmer. 

This cake had me at hello. When I espied this at the menu I knew I had to order it. Halo halo is the Philippine iced dessert, and I doff my hat off to the bright guys who decided to turn it into a cake. What I love--the center made of sweetened bananas, jackfruit, and macapuno. A layer of leche flan was woven in the ube chiffon cake. Rounding off this number are a double scoop of nangkasuy ice cram and cornflakes for crunch. Happy tummy!

UCC Viena Cafe has branches all over Metro Manila

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