Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Update: Pangasinan's Heling and Violeta Special Tupig

Update: I met the gracious lady who provides us with Villasis-based Heling and Violeta Special Tupig. You can contact the latter through cell phone no. 0919-7596166

Tupig is described as a delicacy from Pangasinan made of glutinous rice and grated coconuts and cooked over  live coals. The municipality of Villasis is known as tupig central, and it is passing through this town on my way to and from Manila that I got acquainted with this snack. Sold by ambulant vendors (although there is now a section in town featuring stalls selling tupig), the tupig I knew were quite slight but tasty, especially when eaten warm. I love the smoky flavor and the interplay of coconut meat and the essence of the banana wrapper.

One day in the office someone brought a box of special tupig, the contents of which were heftier than usual, but just as tasty. The printed box did not provide any leads on who made it. Any idea where I can score a box of this special treat? 

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