Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cafe Mary Grace for Vigan Longganiza and Kesong Puti Sandwich and Spanish Sardines Pasta

One doesn't have to go far to eat well. Some of the best restaurants need not be inaccessible. Take Cafe Mary Grace, for instance, spread out in malls all over the metro.

Friends have been raving about Cafe Mary Grace, first because of the ensaymadas, and lately for two items in their savory menu.

The first is the Vigan Longganiza and Kesong Puti  Sandwich. Kesong puti, literally white cheese, is made from skimmed carabao milk, salt, and rennet or vinegar. It is similar to coattage cheese and it is slightly salty. The sandwich is delightful, warm, and wholesome. And very generous. The kesong puti was a perfect foil for the savory longganiza bits. This is one meal you'd wish would never end.

I also love the chips and the accompanying aioli dip.

The next is the Spanish Sardines Pasta, a hefty generous dish. I love the tang from the tomatoes, the salty smack of the olives and the cheese flakes, and the earthiness of the mushrooms. This is my second visit and they are consistently good. 

Cafe Mary Grace
Robinsons Place Manila
Midtown, Ermita, Manila
(+63) 02 466-2812


  1. How much? Nakakagutom, thd way you describe it, parang natitikman ko na.

  2. the vigan sandwich is P241, while the spanish sardines pasta is P264