Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Leyte's Ocho Seafood and Grill for Grilled Prawns and Halaan (Clam) Soup

Next to pork, I go crazy for seafood. Make that fresh seafood, since with it, half the battle is won. 

I thought I had my culinary highlight dining at Rafael's Farm and Garden Restaurant (read my report here). Well, Leyte has more in store. Online, Ocho Seafood Grill and Restaurant comes highly recommended, and I think it's just right, since it's a shame to be surrounded by the sea and not enjoy its treasures. 

baked scallops
We first chose from the seafood display and instructed the attendant how we want our choices cooked. This was quite fun, and you can see first-hand that the selection is really fresh.
i had taken a number of shots of the fresh produce before i was told picture-taking was forbidden 

Everything we ordered were superb--spicy blue crabs, grilled pork belly, and gilled squid. But what were stellar for me were the baked scallops, pictured above, and the halaan (clam) soup pictured below. These two alone made the trip to the restaurant worthwhile, and I almost forgot the other items in the menu. Almost, hahahaha.

The scallops were buttery and clean, with just the right amount of butter and garlic so as not to overpower the delicate flavor of the mollusk. I was happy with the size of the clams offered at the display: I opted for the bigger ones, since these were rare in Manila. The clams were milky and flavorful, the broth very refreshing. 

With a meal that good, and prices at half those in Manila, I can't wait to return.

Ocho Seafood and Grill
Senator Enage Street, Tacloban City
(+63) 53 325-4171

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