Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cebu's Zubochon for Boneless Lechon, Monggo, and Sizzling Squid

This year, as of this writing, I've been to Cebu three times. From my perspective this is good, since I get to check out restaurants multiple times and see if the good ones perform consistently. I've been to Zubochon before at their Escario branch, and left smitten. I made a mental note to try their boneless lechon. A month later I was in the island again, and this time at their Mango Avenue branch we ordered the Bonless Zubochon. It was  perfect with the salty, garlicky rice--the latter cutting through the rich roasted pork. It was good even without any sauce. I love the crunchy skin and the lean, moist meat. So what was better, the original of the boneless Zubochon? I'm partial to the original. I love the more pronounced herbs in the former, and there's something about being cooked with bones intact that adds a distinctive flavor.

For roughage, we also ordered the Monggo with Zubochon. What I love about it is the rather unusual addition of gata (coconut cream).

Zubochon's garlic rice was stellar
I think we ordered too many items because by the time I got to sampling the Sizzling Squid Stuffed with Zubochon Sisisg, I myself was already stuffed. I love this dish because, apart from the filling, the squid was creamy and so melts-in-your-mouth soft.

Next month I'll be in Cebu. I think I'll have a hard time not paying Zubcohon another visit.

One Mango Avenue Bldg.
Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City
(+63) 032 239 5697

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