Friday, August 2, 2013

My Favorite J Co Donut Variant Is...

For my first post this month I wanted to feature something pretty, like my favorite J Co Donut variant, the Hi Lychee, pictured on the right. No, I have not experienced braving the long lines to get my J Co fix. I'd rather wait when all the hype has died down, and see for myself if the franchise has legs for the long term. Fortunately, there was a way to get around this self-imposed obstacle: an office-mate was doing brisk business selling pieces on retail.

I had no idea how this white-and-green donut tasted when I was offered to pick one from a box. I was taken by its looks, a promise that it could be light and refreshing, and it was. I also bought the best-selling Al Caponne, pictured on the left, which was  light, not too sweet, and filled with the delicate taste of almonds. But I love the Hi Lychee more. One bite, and I knew it was made of lychee right away.

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