Friday, December 13, 2013

Tagbilaran City's Gerarda's for Squid-Ink Pasta

If you love squid-ink, this is for you. In my notes this is seafood pasta, but I might be wrong. We were invited here for dinner, it was our first time at the restaurant (which turned out to be quite well-loved), and as guests we pretty much let our hosts do the ordering. I tried doing online research on what this was, but my efforts yielded nothing, so let's just name this squid-ink pasta.

This is the bounty of the sea on a plate--generous squid meat and ink, and fishballs, brightened by pechay. This was so tasty I mixed the left-over pasta with rice, a carb-on-carb combo Pinoys know only too well.

33 J.S. Torralba Street
Tagbilaran City

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