Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ukokkei Ramen Ron for Ebi Mayonnaise and Karamiso Ramen

It's no secret I love Ukokkei Ramen Ron (proof here and here). I love that there's a branch where I live--the culinary hubs like Bonifacio Global City could be logistical nightmare to got to, so I savor good restaurants within my vicinity, and patronize them often. I've been to Ukokkei about 5 times, and I fear pretty soon I'll be eating through the menu unless they offer new items. 

In my most recent visit I ordered the wonderful Ebi Mayonnaise. Imagine fat, soft prawns in delectable, sweetish mayo sauce. It was a bit saucy but the shredded greens soaked up everything. I also ordered the curry ramen but I found it just okay. 

A few months back I ordered the Karamiso, a miso-based ramen, and the spiciest on offer. It was rich, complex, well-balanced. As usual, the noodles were firm.  I love the caramelized onions. At first I wondered where the heat was. After a little swirl with my spoon, the heat became more apparent, until there was a growing contagion of spiciness mixed with the sweetish, nutty broth. A few minutes later my sinuses were clearing, my heart was singing. Mangan tila!

Ukokkei Ramen Ron
2126 A Mabini St., Malate, Manila
(+63) 02 516-5511

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