Monday, May 19, 2014

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio's Mango and Suman Ice Cream

If you're a regular visitor to my blog (thank you), you'd know I'm a fan of Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio. I love their take on flavors, which ranges from festive holiday fare, to unusual variants that are meant to be tried at least once. For this feature, I chose another rice-cake inspired flavor, the mango and suman ice cream. Suman is made from glutinuos rice cooked in coco milk, and wrapped in palm leaves. They're either sprinkled with sugar or paired with ripe mango. 

My verdict: they had the texture and mouth-feel right. I can't quite decide if I'm eating ice cream or the rice-cake. I love that the mango component was sweetish-tart. Honestly, I prefer this to the real thing.

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio
SM Mall of Asia, North Parking
Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City
(+63) 915 489 5753

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