Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kokoro Ramenya's Tan Tan Men

I've been quite scarce, bear with me, since I'm buried under tons of writing projects. I apologize for the glut of ramen entries, but I have to post this. After going over my photo archives, I noticed that I forgot to write about this sooner. Forget Ukokkei. Kokoro Ramenya serves the better Tan Tan Men. (I prefer Ukokkei's Shio Tan Tan Men, though). Both establishments serve complex, milky-creamy, and nutty ramens, but Kokoro's is spicier. There's the usual visible layer of fat, which coats the noodles with the flavorful broth. This is one glorious ramen. 

I was happy to see more diners, Pinoys and Japanes, eating there during this particular visit earlier this year.

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Kokoro Ramenya
2F S1-S2 1388 Roxas Boulevard cor. Sta. Monica & M Guerrro Sts.
Ermita, Manila
(+63) 02  254-9716

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