Monday, May 19, 2014

Ramen Nagi's Black King Butao Ramen

I have to admit this was difficult for me to write, not because the food was not stellar, but because a robbery took place nearby while I was having this very bowl of ramen. To this day I haven't returned to the mall.

At the beginning it was all about this ridiculously excellent bowl of squid-ink ramen. Long lines plagued the SM Aura branch, and so when I heard there was a branch at nearby SM MOA, I thought I have a better chance at scoring  a seat. I went on a Sunday, on a whim, and although the restaurant was full and had a long waitlist, they were able to seat me outside. I didn't mind sharing my table with another lone patron.The service was efficient and personable, and before I knew it, a steaming bowl of Black King Butao Ramen came my way. I went for the chef's recommendation, chose hard noodles, and ordered extra pork belly. After the first sip of the broth I thought I was in heaven. It was so good--tasty, garlicky. See the black orb in the middle--that's the good stuff. It was my first time to try squid-ink ramen, and it was a good change. 

And then I heard gunshots, followed by people scampering from inside the mall, the customers ducking for cover. I didn't finish my bowl of ramen, I wasn't able to pay for it. I want to go back to try the other variants. But not now.

You can go here for more details of the robbery

Below is my ranking of what are the best ramen houses to date in the Manila/Pasay area:
1. Ukokkei Ramen Ron / Nagi Ramen
2. Hokkaido Santouka Ramen
3. Menya Genki Tonkotsu Ramen House
Kokoro Ramenya
5. UCC

Ramen Nagi
SM Mall of Asia
Ocean Drive, Manila Bay Reclamation Area
Pasay City

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